27 April 2011

Our Boy

31 weeks pregnant and it's getting closer, I'm on the home-stretch now!  My belly is huge (well it feels and looks huge to me) and I don't know how it can possibly get any bigger without popping!

My hips have been a bit more achy the last few nights and I think I'm starting to get the dreaded 'morning sickness'.  I haven't thrown up but I do tend to feel sooo sick in the morning and late at night.  I still haven't noticed any Braxton Hicks contractions yet... it's going to be a shock when they start - if they do.

Our boy is kicking and rolling around all the time now.  I can feel and see his little feet pushing up (I can't make out toes, it's not that weird ...yet).  So I touch them and he springs back again.  I think he might be a bit ticklish.  Sometimes in the middle of the night I'll get woken up by a big 'wobble' from him.  It's amazing how much he can actually move and shake me too!  He's so strong!

My midwife came for a visit today.  I see her every fortnight now, which is awesome because I have more questions more often (slightly trying to ignore the fact that she visits more often because he'll be here soon!).  We listened to his heartbeat.  She said he was sleeping at first and must have woken up because his heart-rate was quite steady to begin with, then I felt him move a bit and his heart-rate started going all over the place - normal, I'm told.  :)

I can't wait to meet him.  I can't wait to hold him.  I'm so overwhemed.  I'm so unprepared.  I know it's going to be hard.  I know it's going to be rewarding.  I love our boy so much!  I can't believe that God trusts us that he would let us have a major part to play in loving and raising his children.

I feel like this baby isn't mine yet.  I know he is mine and my husbands.  It'll probably hit me when I get given him for the first time to hold, placed on my chest.  Or maybe when he feeds for the first time.  But when we take him home and there's no one around but us, I think that's when I'll realise that he really is our boy.


  1. Beautiful! Amazing. Scary and wonderful! What a journey. I love your words, you put it so well.

    I'm a pro at morning sickness now - Seriously, eat when you go to bed and as soon as you get up. If I even wait ten minutes after getting up before I eat i'll throw up without a doubt.

    Look after yourself! Not long to go now :) Weeee

  2. Thanks Sophie! We're gonna be mamas soon! Eeeeek! Fully can't wait :)


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