23 May 2011

35 Weeks Pregnant

I can't stop sewing!  I LOVE to sew.  Do you?  I think the pregnancy-cleaning-spree has come out on me as a pregnancy-sewing-spree.  Do you know what I mean?

I have already made a nappy-bag/hand bag.  It's pretty cool... I'll have to take a photo and post it up here next time (sorry I can't do it this time, need to get the camera and it's too far away right now).  I've bought 3 metres of muslin cloth and made 3 muslin wraps for my lil boy when he arrives.  I have a couple of other projects on too, but the main one is sewing nappies for Bebops.  It's really fun, but just gets my creative ideas flowing and I think up a gajillion things to sew, then I want to get sewing them - in a hurry before our boy arrives.  I have no idea how busy I'll be when he's 'out', so I'm trying to sew as much as I possibly can.  I can't help it!

The last couple of weeks have been interesting pregnancy-wise...

I learnt what a Braxton-Hicks contraction is, and I realised that I have been having them for a while now, probably a month or more.  But now I recognise them every time they happen.  Pretty cool :)

Another thing that has kind of suddenly happened too is the urgency to go pee - often.  And when I go only a tiny amount comes out!  My bladder is now probably squished up to the size of a plum.  Baby's head rests on it, and when there's a bit in there I just HAVE to go.  Oh and it's so unsatisfying too, when you're feeling sooo 'busting' and there isn't really very much that comes out.  I think, "Are you kidding me?"  All that rush for next-to-nothing?!"  I have to 'go' every 2-hours at night, until about the 3rd time, then I get a 3 or 4 hour sleep until it's the morning and time to get up (and pee) and have breakfast and all that.

I can't wait to have our son in my arms!  And at the same time, I'm really enjoying being pregnant!  It is hard work - and there are times when I'm soo over it, but I am trying to fully embrace it right now.  I like seeing this big bump in front of me.  Roy and I love wondering what it is that's pushing my tummy around - a knee, an elbow, is that his back?  Is that his butt or his head?

It's pretty cool :)


  1. Love it! "congrats" on the braxtons, and can't wait to see your nappy bag!! :)


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