31 May 2011

36 Weeks Pregnant

Firstly, an apology - I still haven't got around to taking some pics of the nappy bag/hand bag that I've made, so you'll have to wait longer :)  Oh the suspence!

This week has been very different to last week for me.  Last week I was sewing up a storm (or five).  This week I'm struggling to be motivated enough to get out of bed.  I've been a bit more moody I think, hyper-sensitive even by my own standards.  This week I've felt like curling up in a warm corner with a big warm blanket and loads of cushions and sleeping.  That doesn't mean I'm feeling sorry for myself or depressed.  I think I've just been having a 'down' few days.  It happens sometimes since being pregnant I think, and on the odd occasion before I was pregnant.

I might be coming down with a cold, I do think the cold weather isn't really helping.  A slow wander by myself (usually a 'walk' but I can't manage more than a slow wander anywhere now) around the block, which might take 15 or 20 mins does me soo good.

I have a lot of time to think about my Roy.  Anticipating when he comes home and gives me huge cuddles and kisses.  That's always guaranteed to put me in a good happy place. :)

On an up-side, our boy has been kicking SO much more this week.  Last week I had moments when I wondered if he was ok because I hadn't felt him move much.  But this week, it's like he just can't keep still!  Elbows and knees out the sides and into my ribs, shakes and rattles, hiccups, all of it.  He's getting so strong, it's unbelievable how much he moves and how hard he pushes.  Amazing!  I'm beginning to be sure that I'll miss having him so close to me after he's born.  A friend of mine said I'll have to learn to share him - with Roy that is.  I've held out baby for the last 8 months, and in a month I'll have to pass him over to his Dad for cuddles too.  Am I jealous?  YES!  I want Roy and baby all to myself!  :)  Hehehe, can't wait for it to be honest.

I've been taking quick-ease for my heartburn.  The crumbly lollies are quite good, instant relief of that horrible burning in my throat.  But, unfortunately they last less and less, and how often I get heartburn is getting more and more.   Some foods give me heartburn straight away - chocolate, bread, biscuits.  I've noticed greasy food, eg Mc Donalds fends it off quite well. :)  2min noodles are great, milk is good.  Marmite on toast used to make it go away, now it does the opposite.  Oh well, "not long to go now" I tell myself....

I SO am looking forward to cuddles after feeding and burping (and probably being spewed/peed/pooped on too) and sleeping on my back (back-sleeping a no-go for pg ladies) and not having back-ache and catching baby-smiles and bending easily to put my socks on and getting up fast without pulling muscles (need to tone those abs again first) and all the rest!  I am not complaining about being pregnant - don't get me wrong.  It's tough but worth it.  Know that I understand many women have had pregnancy a lot worse than me - I take my hat off to you mums.  You are absolute legends!

And when birth is over, when there is no baby in my tum, that's when things really begin to happen.  :)

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