27 October 2011


Does your blog look boring?  Then I say, "Change it!!"  Not sure 'how' to do this?  Then I say, "Ask a P.R.O."

I asked a pro, Sophie, in fact.  You can check out her blog here, here, and here.  I spent an afternoon on her couch with my cuddly bub.  We talked blogging all the while my eyes were being opened into this whole new world.

Yes, I know it isn't really all that new, but I'm a noob and needed some expert guidance (that is, from Sophie).

So, over the next while, and probably for as long as I'm bloggin' I will be adjusting things here and there and keeping my blog looking rad!  At least, I think it will look rad...  So do come and explore my little corner of the interweb every now and then.  Relax with a cuppa and have a giggle at my silly words.  I would love to have your company.

~~ * ~~

On the crochet front, I've been going cro-crazy!

This is going to be a bath mat...

I made the pillowcase in this pic above. 

Patrick, my cat.  My sister made the crocheted blankie here.

My husband and I made this.
And I made the shirt he's wearing.
So cute, isn't he?!  Zonked.

Here are a few things.... hair bows, crochet hook bag, beanie, brooch/flower.

I heart crochet very much this week :)

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