21 October 2011

Family Fun

I tell you what - this weekend has been awesome!  My hubby took a couple extra days off before the long weekend so we could have an extra-long weekend together.  We didn't have any plans other than just having some good quality time, doing whatever.

Thursday I went to my usual 'coffee date' with some lovely friends of mine.  About the time that was over, Roy had an appointment to get his hair trimmed.  Then we finally had a couple of hours to relax together in the afternoon - and Roy was away again playing indoor cricket with some more of his friends.

Friday came - and there begins our awesome weekend.  We went out to Lake Forsythe (well, the beach just beyond it) where I gathered just a small handful of lovely stones and pieces of driftwood - that beach is beautiful!

No sand at all, just river stones, yes river stones, at the beach.  It's quite spectacular.

They go for a long way...

Above pic is looking south.

This is looking north/north east.  With my gorgeous son and my amazing hubby's hand.  The family in the back ground were so cute, they came to just look around as a family.  Just like us.  It almost brought a tear to my eye.  So simple and sweet.

This pic is looking about due north.
Can you spot the rabbit?

And the driftwood, each piece is perfectly washed and stripped by the ocean.
Mr Bruce walking there with Baby Bruce in the front-pack.  This particular spot is about half way between the cliffs (where we saw the rabbit) ahead and the car park.

We did a lot of walking - I fell over a few times.  It was quite funny.

After that we went all the way to Akaroa, bought some deep-fried chips, and had chippie sandwiches for lunch.  Drove home and it began to rain.  So I had some fun with the camera...

You might be able to see my reflection in the mirror?

Friday night Roy was out and about with his friends - a LAN party, PS3 etc etc.  Blah!

While I had a bunch of the coolest gals around come and hang at our house.  It was just great!

And today we got stuck into our front garden with an electric hedge trimmer - which went through the extension cord, OOPS!  It wasn't me.  I can't say who exactly did it because 'they' might not be happy with me.  Let's just say we are both so thankful that 'they' didn't get electrocuted!  Crack up!

I hope you have had a great weekend too!

Still can't find the rabbit?


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