13 November 2011

Chilly Weather and Warm Guests

So last week was indeed a slow week in the bloggy world for me.  I hope you're all keeping well.  I'm not.  I've got this cold you see.  It's so annoying.

I went to the A&P show on Wednesday.  I forgot to bring a jersey and it ended up being really chilly.  Two days later I was beginning to show signs of a cold. And now, I'm like a walking waterfall with a fire in behind the water.  You know, sore throat, runny nose - that's blocked so I can't blow it away or sniff and a raw throat that feels like it was used as a brazier the night before.

BUT, I did have the most awesome of visitors this week!  My sister and her husband came up to our house for a couple of nights.  They had a few things to do, but one of them was to see their nephew for the first time ever.  It was so cool!  We laughed, talked, hugged.  We last saw each other months ago so it was well due to get together again.

My sister got a load of cute shots of my handsome little man, but here is one of my favourites.

I just love him to pieces.

No teeth yet, they are threatening though.

I know I've said it before, but it's true: Roy and I have moments all the time where we just can't believe how cool it is to be parents.  How sweet it is to smell our boy's hair.  How wonderful it is to look into his eyes and to have him smile and giggle back at us.  Believe me there are times when I find my jaw aching from grinding my teeth when he's been upset for a long time and I've tried 'everything' to get him happy.  There are a ba-jillion more times though when I just want to pick him up and bear-hug him because he's so cute and I love him SO MUCH!

I'm a stay-at-home-mum so I get a lot of baby-and-me time.  Sometimes I just want to get out of the house and take a break.  But when it's been all day and I've only held my baby when I've fed or changed him, I find I've missed him so much.

It's usually on Sunday mornings when lots of people want a hold.  And I'm not complaining, mind, it lovely to have him not complain about cuddles from my friends and so cute watching their faces light up as he smiles and giggles for them.  Just saying that I realise I miss my little man after it all and can't wait to have those special cuddles again.  The ones that only happen for me - when he's feeding and looking up at me, or when he's about to go to bed and is all cuddly-like over my shoulder.

Tonight when he was sitting next to me on the couch and watching so attentively at me eating my dinner, I caught him moving his jaw in a new way.  I guess he's trying to figure out what happens to all the 'stuff' that goes in my mouth and was copying me.  He was so happy to just sit and watch us both.

All the while I was SOAKING IN every bit of his warm heart though my side.  I was bursting with pride as he looked and learned.  He's so incredible.

The most amazing gift.

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