01 November 2011

Exercise - pffft! Smoothies - yesss!

You see, I've been trying my best to eat healthy.  I've got a whopping (not) 5kgs on my butt (and hips and thighs and arms and all the rest) post-pregnancy which I really want to get RID of.  Not to mention the 5kgs I wanted to get rid of before I was pregnant.  So, crikey!  That's TEN KGS that I want to lose.  What?!!  How did it become a massive 'ten' already?!  Who made maths!?

It's been reeally HARD (said in a whingy tone) to NOT 'just pop in at the McDs drive-through' on the way home.  You. know. what. I. mean!

This week, my running total of eating takeaway is a big enormous zero.  But, I did spend a bit more on groceries!  Winning.  And I made a home-made pizza.  Not really winning.  Does home-made pizza count as junk food?  The only vegetable was onion.

Change of subject - BLUEBERRIES!  Are yum.  Even canned blueberries can be delish too.   Yes, I did say 'canned.'  The absolute best way to store these is in an iceblock tray.  They won't go off before you use them up!  Just like this:

The last few days I have been having a smoothie for my second-breakfast - that is, morning tea.  This is what I came up with... 

1 medium-big banana
2 blocks of blueberries (see pic above)
1 scoop of kiwi crush (about a kiwifruit size or 3 tablespoonsish)
1/2 cup of milk

For those of you who don't know what Kiwi Crush is, it's a frozen mushed up blend of kiwifruit and, well,  kiwifruit.  It's quite yummy.

Put them all in a blender.

Don't forget the milk.

And blend.  Then pour into a medium-sized glass and drink.  Yumminess!

The first time I made this I only used one block of berries, it wasn't quite sweet enough so I added another and it was perfecto.

More kiwi-ingenuity for you; I'm not really a fan of food that takes ages to prepare - salads included.  So when I bought a celery, a lettuce and can of sliced beetroot etc to make my salad-food, I wasn't looking forward to cutting everything all up and tossing it altogether.  So, I did it just once.  I cut up the whole lettuce and put it in an icecream container (one of many containers I just can't make myself throw out).  I cut up the whole celery and put it into an old 'chinese-takeout' container.  Then I opened up the beetroot can and put it into a container with a good lid.  I found some grated cheese left over from the pizza in the fridge.  I also found a small can of tuna in the cupboard.

So, to make my lunch, all I had to do was grab a handful or two of the chopped lettuce, a handful of celery, a couple of spoonfuls of beetroot.  Add a sprinkle of cheese.  Empty the can of tuna in and add a squeeze of lemon.  Toss.  Eat.

Can anyone tell me I've eaten badly today?  I hope it helps me get rid of that (actual) whopping 10kgs.  Perhaps you can help keep me accountable.  There, I said it.  Eek.


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