29 November 2011

Weird Weather Strange Times

It has been strange days as of late.  One day this week it was stinking hot.  The next day it rained and was so cold.  Today it started off cold, then it was quite hot in the afternoon.  It makes for weird weather.  Crikey, here I am talking about the weather.

I took this photo of the coulds on the stinky hot day.  I was a bit slow so it looks a bit warped here.  Can you see the dolphin/whale?  I really like noticing the clouds...

We're renting a cute little 3brm unit/flat type thingee and, unfortunately for us, the home owner wishes to move back in.  So it's time to start tidying things up, perhaps start boxing things already too.  They owners have been awesome and gave us notice of it a little while ago so we've been looking ever since.

The trouble is, finding a rental in Christchurch right now is tough going.  Well, easy to find online, but hard to actually get one.  There are a lot of people looking, so many people applying, and just not enough homes for them all.

I have no doubt that we'll find a nice place, within budget.  But it's the waiting and wondering that takes it's toll on the stress levels.  We don't want to be moving over Christmas.  Any time from the 23rd Dec to the 7th Jan 'ish' would be horrible.  So, no thanks to that.  And we can't really pay double rent if we have to move or 'take' a place too soon.  It's no fun.

It really would have been awesome if we could stay in this house for another year, or even for a few more months - until well after Christmas and the holiday season.

I'm looking ahead, straight in front of me I can see nothing but obsticles.  The sun is going down so there's low visibily, long shadows, scary caves I have no choice but to go through and high, steep hills that I don't want to go anywhere near.  The only way to hide from it all is to go through it and let it see the back of me.

Like Father, Like Son.  Note the 'Movember-ness'.

I know I'll get there.  It's going to happen.  I only wish things happened perfectly.  Perfectly would be - we find the prefect rental, same price or lower rent, undamaged from earthquakes, and available to move in a few days before our current lease runs out in mid-Jan, or available two weeks from now.  Not in-between those times.  Then, the ability to manage Christmas shopping with a low budget, or to find the time to make things (and think of ideas too) for Christmas gifts.  Perhaps I should have thought of 'making' Christmas gifts a month or two ago.  Hindsight, as they say, is a brilliant thing.

So I'm feeling a bit sad this week and a bit overwhelmed too I guess.  I loathe moving house and I look forward to the day when we move into 'our own' home.  When I can put a nail in the wall, when I can paint it the colour I want, when I can draw the height of our children on the door jam at each birthday.  Oh that's going to be sooo cool!

I hope you're all having a delightful week! :)

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  1. Perspective and hindsight are truely wonderful things. We both know in Feb you'll be looking back and seeing how perfectly it all worked out. There is a place, and it is just what you need right now, and it is reserved for you. (Heaven, and a rental :))

    Loved seeing you in my blog feeder. You are a delight!! See you on Thursday xx


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