03 December 2011

A Bunting A Day 1-3

Any guesses as to what I'm going to make out of the above?  Yes, you guessed right - bunting!  I know these colours aren't very 'Christmassy' but I do have other colours so it won't be so 'play-school' looking.  And I do intend to get a bit more creative with styles, but you'll just have to come and visit more often to see what I've got to show off next!

The plan is to do 'a bunting a day' (which is actually a flag a day, but 'bunting' sounds better to me) until Christmas.  In theory we'll make it our Christmas Garland to hang up every year.  I'm trying to start a few family tradition thingees...

I haven't done much crocheting in the last week so getting back into it I've learnt something again - I MISSED it!  I truly enjoy crocheting very muchly!

I've been on the search for some Susan Bates crochet hooks (aluminium preferred 4.5mm you know Christmas is pretty much upon us, just saying).  Turns out not many yarn shops actually stock them.  When I look online, the price seems worth it, then I realise it's in USD.  Lame-o.  They are around though, and mostly in some kind of polished wood or bamboo, nice, but they're just-not-aluminium.  I have some bamboo ones, but they're ENORMOUS!  They're so long, 30cm in fact, used for Tunisan crochet.  "Tuni-what?" you say.  Um... google it.  One day I'll show you what that kind of crochet is like.  One day.  It's nice and thick and takes almost twice as long to do as normal crochet.

I have also been on the search for paper doilies.  It also seems not many (if any) supermarkets sell them, neither the warehouse or even spotlight.  And if they do, I couldn't find them.

I will get you, you 'paper doilies'.  Even if I have to buy online.  I'll get you.

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  1. When I worked at sweethearts they used paper doilies for their dessert plates and to put underneath cups of tea. You could ring them and ask where they get them from. If you're that desperate? 3595630. Wow. I can't believe I remember that phone number. It's been 4 years.



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