13 December 2011

Moving House Bites

That's it.  So I know it's been very quiet here for a week(ish).  I do apologise BUT as most of you will probably know what it's like to move house [again], I know most of you will understand.  And that is why I think you're awesome.

We're up and out of this place, moving so far away - not.  Really, we're moving 350 metres down the road.  Literally.  But the new place has a bath!  Yes!  I can't wait to have me a bath.  Relaxing in the bubbly foam with a glass of wine and some sweet music in the background, candles and the smooth scent of lavendar.  Nows that's what I'm talking about, yeah!

Here's some honesty.  You know that 'a bunting a day' thing.  Well 'oops' is all I have to remark.  I feel some New Year's Resolutions coming on.

Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen.  I shall be back next week when the internet is up and running at the new residence- hopefully before Christmas.

Here is all I've done with the bunting... I'm quite behind schedule.


  1. Well, moving house does give you a pretty good excuse! You will have to do some crocheting in your new bath!

  2. Haha, what a delightful idea!

  3. Happy moving times! Urghh it's nopt fun but all will be well when you are rleaxing in your bath with the bubbles! Merry Christmas to you all.


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