03 December 2011

Poor Bubba

On a sad note, it seems my bright, energetic, happy, smiley, wriggly little boy has come down with chicken pox.  After two visits to the doc in one day, a very hot crying baby and a particularly worried mama, they decided that no, it wasn't constipation, it was chickenpox.  After I had given him a dose of medicine for constipation... hours later we got that fired right at us.  Poor Roy did the clean up.  My hubby is a champion.

Little Lion is a bit better today, but yesterday, oh watching him broke my heart a bajillion times.  He cried every time we moved him - to change his nappy, to burp him after a feed, to carry him anywhere.  I hear that with a fever all your muscles ache, so he must have been in a bit of pain.  He was, and still is mostly limp.  It's been a couple days now that he won't stand or put any weight on his legs.  This afternoon he started to laugh a bit with Roy chatting to him - only to start crying because it used his muscles and hurt.

He began to play with toys a little today too which was the most reassuring thing for us to see.  And today his cried started to have more expression in them, like the 'I'm hungry' cry and the 'I'm tired' cry.  Whereas yesterday there was only one level and that was WAAAA(x lots of As)AAAAA!!!

Fever is being controlled now and spots are beginning to develop.

I took this photo of our boy in front of the telly.  He screamed when I first began to put cold flannels on his head, then after about ten seconds he realised that it actually felt good.  I managed to get him smiling for the camera.

The last few days have been rather eventful and it looks as though the next couple of weeks will be too.  If you have any advice regarding infants and chickenpox please don't hesitate to comment.  I do love hearing from you all very much.


  1. Aw poor levi :( Pox party haha. Hope he feels better soon!!

  2. Oh no! The poor wee thing! No advice on dealing with chicken pox from here I'm afraid. I'm just dropping in to send big hugs to you all and to say that that last photo of your wee smiler is gorgeous! Such a cute smile.

  3. Chicken pox sucks!! Both mine had a terrible dose of it - all I can say is take everything you can. Pinetarsol in the bath and calamine lotion by the bucketful. The nasty fever shouldn't last too loing then it's just the uncomfy itchy.... and they look awful! All the best x He looks so cute with that flannel on his head.

  4. Poor wee babe, get well soon. Cut his finger nails immediatly. chicken pox get itchy, and you get big crater scars from then if you scratch them too much (I have a big one on my forehead) x

  5. Weird thing is... the spots have disappeared now and there are very different ones all over him. Not chickenpox at all. I'm taking him back to doc, might see a third person who might know what is wrong.


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