06 December 2011

Rain Rain

There's something so soothing and relaxing to my soul when I hear the gentle pelting of the rain on a cool tin roof.  I feel indescribably refreshed, and my spirit gladly receives.

I always thought of the rain was a word from God to my soul that says 'everything will be ok, everything is being make new, keep calm, I am here'.

The sound of the rain fills me up starting from my toes and rises up to my chin where I can't help but take a long deep breath and errupt with a satisfied sigh.  Then a smile curls the edges of my lips and I am clear again.  Peace.

Bed time, I'm going to listen to the rain and fall asleep happy.  Oh, can't wait.

PS.  I've got more to add to this pic on the left.  You'll remember it from my last-last post.  So far I'm keeping up with the 'at least one a day' scenario.  Phew!


  1. Crochet bunting?!! Genius! The rain-noise is lovely (and don't the babes sleep better for it's hypnotism) x

  2. Yes! I think the little guy did sleep better last night. Bliss.


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