30 January 2012

Granny-Square-ing It Up

Recap on last post:  the little guy slept through that night - and the next and the next ... right up to now.  Phew!  He's doing much better, almost crawling now and wriggling - he just doesn't stop!

I've found him in some pretty awkward postitions after his naps:  on top of the blankets, on his tummy playing with toys, his head facing the wrong end of his cot, laying across his cot - on top of the wedge he was left in.  I've started bringing in the camera to get a shot of it but I think he somehow knows and stays exactly how I left him.

Crochet stones!  I decided on a simple granny-square style for the latest one.  You likey?  I'm hooked.  Haha, pun intended!

In the last week I had a somewhat unusal request.  It may not seem 'weird' to some of you, but to the younger generation it may.  I was asked to paint 'something' sweet onto a 'baking item'.  I can't show you until after the gift has been given so as not to spoil the surprise.  It's quite pretty if I may say so myself.   Pictures to follow after the 10th of Feb, or maybe on the 10th... I can't wait to show you!

That above is a pile of the coolest wheat-packs I have ever seen!  Just like a hottie, but cooler!  They're about the size of an A5 (that is an A4 folded in half... which is close to 150mm x 210mm not including the decorative top and tab).  I have made a few in the babuska print above and also in a cute little dove print.  These are for sale, so if you're interested please comment or send me an email: roomtoflourish at gmail dot com.

In the future, after the 10th I'll have some rad photos of the painting on the 'baking item' so do keep any eye out for that.  If I haven't put any pics up by the end of the 10th please tell me off so I don't get into a habit of promising and under-delivering.

PS  There are still only two official comments on this post . . .


  1. So cute! Loving the rocks, They are looking good! xx

    1. :) You could probably make even cooooler ones! You're way more pro than me. PS I have been dreaming of getting a bike like yours! They are absolutely the coolest bikes ever. Go Victory Swift!

  2. It's the 10th ;)

    Just sayin'....

    1. OH!!!! I didn't even notice! New post coming right up!!


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