16 January 2012

Paying It Forward

I was recently on the receiving end of the AWESOME 'pay-it-forward-thing-a-ma-bob', and I tell you, it was awesome to receive a gift for no reason other than 'just coz'.

I was given a cute hard-cover book of Michael Leunig comics which, to be honest, is a bit hard to figure out at first.  But once I figured out his styles and themes I began to really get into the book.  It is making a lovely addition to my book collection.  Thank you so much Max for the lovely, lovely gift.  It made me feel so special that you had gone out of your way to do something nice for little ol' me.

Now, to carry on this fine art (that really needs no experience at all to be a pro) of paying it forward, I need your help...

The first three [different] people who comment on this post will be the lucky ones to receive a gift.  BUT - the rule is that you need to carry it on afterwards.  Either by blogging about it and getting some people to pay-it-forward after you've blessed them.  Or by finding a friend or some random stranger you can help out in some nice way.  Don't forget to make sure I can contact you via email address.

It's a kind way to pass on the smile, that feel-good feeling.  You know the one you get when you gift something not because it's their birthday or it's Christmas, but because you just want to.  Just coz.

PS  The poppy is one from my Mother's garden all the way down in Te Anau.  There were three of them looking just stunning over Christmas.

Edit:  Two of the comments below don't actually count because they're from me... 


I love comments :)