25 January 2012

Prepare for Crawling

I found another stone in my chest of yarn and goodies.  I had forgotten it was left in there, all alone.  Cold.  Naked.  Now as I crochet a delightful sweater for it I'll leave it to get warm in the sun.  Am I crazy?  Maybe.

It's been a good week so far, but today my gorgeous little man hasn't been himself.  I'm preparing for a potentially long night ahead.  Please don't be upset with me, but he usually goes to bed so easily and sleeps right through to 6:30am.  No tears, no cranky-pants.  He didn't get a very big nap in the middle of the day and he was looking so exhausted by 5pm.  I didn't try to keep him awake but he was all the way right up to 7:30 - his usual bedtime.  He was wanting cuddles and then not wanting cuddles.  Wanting a feed, then not wanting a feed.  If he's still not right I might have to take him to the Doc.

I do suspect another tooth or two is about to erupt as well.  Did I mention a month ago that his first two teeth sprouted?  Am I breastfeeding him still?  Yes.  And yes, he bites every now and then.  And yes, it does hurt rather muchly.  It has only happened a few times and usually when I'm not paying attention to him while he's feeding.  As if he's saying, "Your undivided attention should be on me, thank you."

I put him in his cot tonight and after a few seconds there were tears.  My poor little bubba!  He cried for only a few minutes after I left the room.  But every now and then I hear a little sad squeal from his room.  Here's hoping he's feeling better tomorrow.

Worse come to worst he will sleep in bed with Mama and Dada tonight.  And that's not so bad if he gets a good sleep and feels better tomorrow.

On a happy note though, he's about to crawl!  I'm in a mix of emotions here... yay, what a great milestone and oh no, I have  to officially baby-proof everything and grow a new set of eyes on the back of my head.  Eeek!

Here's the best pic I got of him last week, doing push-ups.

Today he discovered how to get his knees under him.  He hasn't yet figured out how to move one leg or arm at a time to go forward.  So backwards and sideways and over and in circles he goes until then.  No smiles for you today I'm afraid.

Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, slightly obscured by the clouds.  I took this a few days after Christmas.  I think the blurr in the foreground is some grass.

Keep an eye out for a new crochet stone, in a new pattern.  I'm not quite decided on what I'll make it look like yet...

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  1. Good luck growing the new pair of eyes! Ee! What a little dude! :)


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