07 January 2012

So Fine

You all know I love to crochet!  And on top of that, I enjoy a [not too hard] challenge.

A while ago I came upon this enormous gigantic spool of cotton.  Actually, it's polyester so not as awesome as I originally thought, but still awesome, right?  Yes!  It brought with it several new challenges.

That is a 2.5mm crochet hook...

One being that it's enormous and to move it involves some effort (not really).
Two being that it's enormous and how on earth am I going to get through that?!
Three being that it's so fine (and enormous) - I'd say a 1 or 2ply - about 1mm thick.  So that means that if I want to crochet with it, I'd have to use a tiny hook or worse, getting into my late Great Grandmothers' collection of steel hooks.  Yes, that sent a shudder through my fingers.  "Oh please no!" they cried.

So, one day a few months ago, I was perusing through a really neat creative blog called PaisleyJade.  And in particular, I came across this post about crochet covered stones.  Which then led me to this other blog called Purlbee, with a cute tutorial and other ideas.

And so I was inspired...

I just knew I had collected the amazing smooth river-stones for a purpose!

I likey!  And, here's another shout-out.  I absolutely love this blog too - Attic24.  She is an inspirational crochet junkie.


  1. Hey. I'm a paisley jade fan too, and she's even cooler in real life! Love the crochet stones. Might actually have to try that.

  2. Wow, cool! :) I'm looking around the house with crazy eyes trying to find the next thing I can crochet over.... mug? cell phone? bunny?

    Just kidding about the bunny...

  3. cool crochet project that, them stones look ACE!
    Hey could you let me know your address, I have a 'pay it forward' gift to send to you msmaxbennett@gmail.com

  4. Awesome. They look gorgeous. You are so creative!

    1. Thank you!! I can't wait to get my hands on some more stones!


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