15 January 2012

Spinach and Lettuce

I have a tendancy to buy up large on fresh veges - all with great intentions of salads and fresh lunches and all the rest of it.  Only to find them mostly deteriorated a week later in the back of my fridge and no longer edible.

So I came up with the ingenious idea of growing some of my own so that I can use it when I want it and it won't go rotten...

I was so proud of myself until I heard that the red-frill lettuce doesn't last very long.  So, hopefully I'll eat it all up before it decides to go to heaven.

I have a few balls of super-fluffy mohair-type yarn in shades of pink and purple floating around.  It inspired me to make some super-cute baby-beanies, crochet of course.  But I'll leave the pics for next time.  Oh, the suspence!  Just kidding.

I hope you're having a splendid holiday.  My husband has been back at work for over a week now so it's just me and the cutie at home, oh and can't forget Patrick.

We're off to the supermarket now to get us some treats, vanilla coke, pizza shapes and cookies.  YUM!

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