13 February 2012

My Sewing Mojo is ON

I am soooo excited to be able to intoduce you to my newest piece of sewing creativeness!  It's blue and white and has lions on it and trains and a big long zip and some snaps and it's going to be warm and cozy and it's filled with bamboo batting and the outter (and lining) is oh-so-soft brushed cotton and it's a ___________ for my boy!

I made up the pattern, just kind of took an outline of one of his tops and made 'relevant adjustments' according to what I want the finished product to be like.

Tehehe... can you guess what it is?  Of course you can, seriously.

Time for a change of subject....

I thought it's well overdue that I officially introduce you to Patrick.

Patty, or Platty-puss, or Crabby-Patty, or Puss.  But mainy she's Patrick.  Yes, she is a she.

Her eyes are crazy because I used the flash.  Incredible, isn't it, how cat's eyes reflect light like that.  Amazing, and either creepy or beautiful depending on how you take it.  I think it's beautiful.

She has a bit of a shoe fetish.

I tried to get a nice close-up of her face, but she kept moving, hence the blurr.

Next post: pics of the 'thing'.

Oh and Happy Valentines Day!  You are not only loved one day of the year, but every single day too.  *big hugs* to everyone.

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  1. Cool! Those sleep sacks saved my boys from getting cold at night as they were such wriggly sleepers.


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