10 February 2012

Pretty and Sweet

Ok ... the Grande Revelio!  The moment you have all been waiting for....

A couple posts ago on Granny-Square-ing It Up I mentioned that I was painting 'something' sweet onto a 'baking item'.  Well, firstly, I'm SOOOO sorry that I didn't get any awesome photos of it actually fully finished.  Please make-do with these photos below, pencil-lines and all.  I'm sorry!  *hangs head in shame*

So the first thing I did was draw it on paper....

Then I started off with the outlines....  I was so excited to take photos, you can still see wet paint in this pic!

I drew it on in pencil, slightly off-centre.  So instead of re-drawing it, I just painted it on center-like.

And then I added a bit of detail...  so much detail that I included a bit of the camera strap.  Oops.

And, here is the finale - I got so carried away and wrapped it up and posted it off before I had the chance to take a finished photo!

Ta daaaaaa....

The finished product has no pencil-lines and a few more flowers and leaves at the top of the heart.

I hope this will suffice!

NB:  I don't personally know Ethan & Jess, but I hope they had a lovely wedding today!  All the best for them!


  1. Awesome! Was it for a swap type thing?

    1. They are friends of my parents. My Mum wanted to get it done for their wedding gift to E&J.

  2. What a gorgeous gift, and so lovely and personalised! I'm sure they would've loved it!! :) Hazel


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