18 February 2012

Sweet Dreams

I've been sewing SO much and it's put me in such a great mood.  Sewing things like a baby sleeping-bag, some warm wheat-bags, including a very VERY tiny one which I'll show you next time, altering a favourite dress of mine (also will show off next post), and fixing this and that.  Oh I do love to sew!

So, my boy (and perhaps future kids if it lasts so long) is going to be using this sleeping-bag I whipped up in the very near future.  Just as long as it's a cold night.  If it's warm then this is going to be waaay too hot.

His little toes have found the seat-belt hole already!!

There's a super cute and happy little boy!  I put the snaps in with an extra set so the bag will [hopefully] fit him for longer.  There is a lot of room in for his legs to kick around - boy do they kick!  Plus there's still a bit of room around his chest so again, it should last a while.


I haven't done a tutorial for this because it's a bit technical and I'd have to have a bajillion photos and to put it simply, I'm too lazy.

Take care and please have a lovely weekend!  I hope you're carm and cozy and eating good food with great company.



  1. I love this sleeping bag. I'm a first time Granny and would love to have a go at making this for my Grandson. I'll keep an eye out for a tutorial down the track!

    1. Thank you! I'll see what I can come up with :)


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