27 February 2012

Tea Cups and Teddy Bears

Eurck.  We're all sicky folk at my house this week.  Poor Bubba has croup, he's doing much better than his worst night late last week.  If I worked I would have had a sick-day at home in bed (sans Poor Bubba).  The Dadda of the house isn't as bad as the Bubba or the Mumma so he went to work as usual.  Let's hope he doesn't get worse.

We've been graced by the presence of my lovely Mother In-Law.  And honestly, she really is lovely!  If anyone could choose their Mother In-Law then I'm sure you would want to choose my one.  She lives hours and hours away so to have her come and visit is very special.

She let me go and have a sleep while she looked after the Poor Bubba.  He was a legend.  As usual.  He loved hanging out with his Grandma.  And I loved having a nap.  She bought me some nasal spray.  I especially loved napping and being able to breathe.  The past few days and nights it's been a breathe-through-your-mouth-and-drool-or-don't-breathe-at-all situation.

Poor Bubba's first wake this morning was around 6:30am when he has a feed and gets put back to bed.  After he spewed and left a massive wet patch on the bed his feed he slept here in our bed, Dadda had already left for work, and I snuggled in next to him.  The sheep in the foreground jingling to the tune of 'Mary had a Little Lamb' and watching over him ever so proudly.  He's hugging his beloved 'Rattle-Bear' - every night without a doubt he has it with him.

I know, 'Rattle-Bear', not such a creative name.  Hey, it is a rattle and a bear all in one...

The pic was taken with my cell phone, in dull light so I put the flash on.  I was thinking for a while about how I was going to get the photo from it to my laptop.  When all of a sudden I found out that my laptop has bluetooth! Yay!  *high five in the air*

I know the photos aren't that good from my phone, but here's a few from my trip away last week... *plays with bluetooth*

We went and visited a friend while we were on our travels.  I thought I'd be nice by getting a Fudge Slice from the supermarket.  I ate a small piece, but no one else did.  I'm not entirely sure why.  The slice wasn't very good, I'll be honest.  Later when I was throwing it out, I thought I'd look through the ingredients...

Can you see that right there... fish?  What?  I think it could be that they are just covering their heinieys 'incase'.  But FISH?  In Fudge Slice?

This pic below is Janie.  She wasn't very photogenic, but hey, she's 50 years old.  At Auckland Zoo.  Yes, the first time I went to the Zoo!  The whole day before I was singing to my little bubba, "Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow..."

"We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.  You can come too, too, too...."

Is it stuck in your head yet?

And isn't this just the cutest image on a Spotlight Voucher card?  I fell in love with it and just had to take a photo.

At last, but not least, a darling photo of my gorgeous boy asleep while we were travelling from A to B so many times in the Land of Auck.

Do have a lovely week.  I shall return when I'm more 'over' the weather.

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