26 March 2012


How cool is this?!  If you're viewing in google reader you won't see my new banner.... 

You will need:
An old novel, I chose a love-story one, just coz
Glue, I used watered-down PVA
Obviously a paintbrush for the glue
A ruler
A craft knife
A sewing machine and thread

How to:  Find an old novel that you don't want or need anymore and cut out twice and many pages as you want flags.  I wanted 13 flags so I cut out 26 pages.

Next you want to glue all the pages, two together, and let them dry.  They might be a bit wobbly from the glue so press them inside another heavy book for a day or so.  Keeping several pages inbetween each glued page.  Make sure they are SUPER dry or they'll just glue themselves into the 'pressing' book.

Then when they're more flat you want to get yourself a good ruler and a craft-knife.  I alligned the ruler with a top corner of the page and the bottom page number (which happened to be at the bottom centre of the page fortunately).  Slice the edges off all pages to make a flag.

And lastly sew them through a sewing machine, leaving about 30cm of thread loose at the start and about 5cm gap between each flag.  You shouldn't need to do any back -stitching.  I used the longest stitch-length on my machine.

And, voila!

I plan on actually painting on the lettering of hollymayb onto the bunting.  I wanted 13 flags exactly so that there would be two blank flags either side of the 'hollymayb'.



    I have to admit I loved the first one - I actually thought you had painted on the words and thought "shes been busy this arvo!" Looks very real! :)


    1. :D Thank you! I thought it looked a bit amateur so I played around with it a little bit. Yarrr!


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