11 March 2012

Crafty Market-ness-ing-ish

I have had this crazy idea to run a small craft market on a Saturday morning somewhere in the CBD of Christchurch City.  Firstly I'll be looking for people who are interested in holding open a stall for the day (probably 8 or 9am to 1 or 2pm), just once for a start, then probably building it up to every two months or so.

If I can generate enough interest, then I'll go and put my idea to business owners about the use of their carpark for stalls. Obviously it will have to be a business that isn't open on a Saturday.  If that doesn't show much promise I'll have a go at finding a 'blank' spot where there was once a building, enough parking for customers, safe for foot-traffic, 'ok' with the site owners and council etc.

The kind of stalls I imagine would be crafts first and foremost, a sausage-sizzle fund-raiser for anyone, second-hand goods, upcycled clothing, homemade food and homeware items etc.

I want it to be predominantly for small-business owners/crafters to be able to make a few sales.  A place for charitable organisations to fundraise, a place where people can purchase something good quality, hand made, recycled.  A place to buy gifts, talk and have a snack.  It would probably also be aimed at new crafters, and new stall-holders so as not to 'steal' stalls from other markets that may be running at the same time.

I'll be looking at advertising it mostly through facebook, asking friends to 'share' the facebook page and get as many 'likes' as possible so we can all help spread the word.  I will also potentially do a letter-box drop in various places with a small advertisement annoucing the market happening.  Also, there is a current website I know of where they give a list of all the upcoming markets you can go to in the Canterbury area.

Does this sound exciting to you?  Are you interested and keen to have a stall open for about $10-$15 per stall per market?  The cost will vary depending on the location - different places may charge for the use of the land/car park etc.  Do you think you might know someone(s) who may be interested?

Please email me or comment below with any ideas, suggestions and expressions of interest and I'll get my groove on and see where it takes us.

Oh, exciting!


  1. Go you!!!

    This is the site that manages the empty lots around chch and works to "fill them"


  2. Yes I'm interested :) very interested :) Good idea :)

  3. Yay! I will keep you posted! Please share the idea around if you know of anyone else who might also be interested. I'm so excited!

  4. Not necessarily interested in a site but keen to help out in ANY way!

    1. Super lots radness! I'll be in touch...


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