06 March 2012

Get some chalk!

I'm BACK!!!  I literally had to type that three times, I was trying to type it so fast.  BAKC BAKD etc....

Yay!  Ahem.  So last week I was all, 'we're all sick'.  This week it's, 'just me now'.  It turns out that when you get little dizzy spells, a constant humming noise and a headache on one side that perhaps you might have an ear infection.  Yep.  Gross.  Now I'm on antibiotics.  And soon I shall be cranking again.

I've been sewing up loads of wheat-bags, sorting out my felt account, which you can see over to the right > the linky goes to my online shop.  Which looks kinda boring right now, but soon it'll have some more cuties.  Whoop whoop.  I decided that having things listed in NZD (New Zealand Dollars) is probably better than using a different 'shop' which doesn't.

Don't you just love it when it's your birthday?  Just sayin.  Yeah, one week from today.  I'll be lots old (that wasn't supposed to make grammatical sense by the way).  Then it'll be my hubby's birthday and then it'll be our wedding anniversary.

When I was on my travels up in Auckland the other week, I saw a blackboard.  But it wasn't just any old blackboard.  It was tucked in the most simple-yet-gorgeous frame, painted a mint-blue and it had a lovely hand-painted silhouette of an elaborate chandelier.  It looked so cool that I was instantly inspired.  SO, yesterday I went out for a little bit of a shop...

I found a bunch of old frames and bits n pieces for a super good price.  And in a day or two they are going to be transformed!

The one I'm mostly looking forward to, and which I'll start with, is the bottom right picture.  It has a wobbly edge, and no frame sticking out.  It's made from MDF and has a string on the back for hanging up.

I bought some primer and some black-board spray paint and I am just itching to get started!!  I'll do before and after shots, and perhaps a small tutorial too.  Oh, I can't wait!  The only thing left to buy is some chalk...


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