17 March 2012

Sick and Tired

I remember once upon a time when I was along the road to crocheting my own bright christmas bunting.  I won't remind you of the post.... But I came up with something else instead.

Bunting made from the pages of a love story.  A book I haven't read before but I bought it thinking that I would read it, I promise, I really thought I would (more saying that to myself than anyone else).  I think it's a way cooler idea for a loved but unread novel.

No photos yet because I've had a stink week of being sick and tired.  Not sick and tired of anything in particular other than being sick and tired.

So Little Lion and I are still trying to deal with a cold in our house.  Roy, the hubby, isn't, anymore.  I think LL and I got the flu again.  Me - the third time I've had a cold since about the middle of Feb.  I had a few days there where I was ok inbetween - hence why my words have been few and far between as of late.

I'm hoping to be all cherry soon and will follow with delicious photos of my new bunting next time.  In the mean time I've been eating Vitamin C tabs and trying to keep warm and rested.  It's kind of hard to keep my feet up when there's a baby on the loose most of the time, but i'm managing.



  1. I have a spare set of hands whenever you need them :D Get better! xx


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