19 March 2012

Sleepy Time

I've been having a bit of 'mental' about blogging lately - which basically means that I wonder how much of it is actually interesting and how much of it is just plain old boring...

My blogging mojo is still there, it has just got a little quieter.

I've mentioned lately that I've been ill.  I had this silly cold a week before we went up to Auckland.  I got it again the week after we came back from Auckland and now I'm on the third one, trying to get over it.  I'm laying back on the couch right now, bubba in bed, heat pump on, relaxing.  Sort of.  My brain is wound a bit too far past the 'on' switch and I'm having trouble turning it off.

Thinking about the awesome craft market coming up (not yet dated, but I'm working on it and you will be the first to know!), dinner, dinner for tomorrow night, getting some more veges for dinner [today], both nights, bubba's dinner, preparing more of bubbas dinner and freezing it, making a dress, making it awesome, hoping it makes me look awesome too, getting over my cold, bubba getting over his cold, keeping on top of the washing and the dishes, and finally, sleep.

Bunting pics, I know!  I promised I'd have them here.  Unfortunately I'm a total slacker and you'll have to wait until next time (fingers crossed).

I'm getting verrry sleeeepy right now.  The keypad is hypnotising my eyeballs and my eyelids are beginning to droop.

I'll just stretch out my legs on the couch a bit, grab that blankie and ...  zzzzzzz.

My cutie on his first car ride, two days old.

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