17 April 2012


Do you remember how I mentioned that I have had this urge to organise a craft market?  Well!  A friend and I have put our heads together and have requested permission to use a particular site.  It's not quite in (or near) the CBD of Christchurch, but I'm fully ok with that.  It seemed a little tricky once I delved into all the fine-print that went along with that.

So I'll keep you all posted as to when and where it will be happening - just as soon as we get an official site.  I'll say this much - it will be in the Spring (here's hoping the site has been approved).  Woohoo!  Exciting!

I'll be honest with you, I've been missing blogging, but I've also been pretty tired lately.  I think it's a mix of burning the candle at both ends and being a mum.  We had our 3yr wedding anniversary last week, I got a huge bunch of flowers, they're still going strong.  The lillies opening up and infecting every corner of the house with such an intense aroma.  I love it!  I'm so glad I haven't been getting any hayfever effects from it.

Our gorgeous little boy is just as gorgeous as ever, crawling so fast and pulling himself up to a standing position on anything - my legs, the tv cabinet, the coffee table, the bedhead, his cot, I could keep going but you'll probably get bored.  His new favourite thing to do is bang on objects with his fist.  He bops along to Roy playing his guitar.  The little guy is awesome.

Do I love being a mum?  Yes.  Of course!  People often ask when we're thinking of having #2...

Well, I'll be honest.  ASAP.  JUST KIDDING!  I'm quite loving being mum of just one right now.  I think I do want more, no wait, I DO want more kiddos.  But for now, I'm happy being just my boy's mum.  We'll re-think in a while (because it really is a joint effort), but I can't put any time-frame on it.

Tehehe.  I remember a while ago I mentioned that I want to lose some weight... a lot, about 10kgs.  So far I'm just below what I was pre-pregnancy so I think that might leave me with only 4ish to go.  I haven't really tried very hard to be honest.  I do have breastfeeding to thank, I believe.  My 'everything' on my body is a different shape now.  My jeans don't fit quite the same, my bras too,  my tops, my socks.  Just joking about my socks.  My boobs went eNORmous after I gave birth, now they might be a bit smaller than before or just different.  Just part of being a Mum.

Photo?  Um.... here you go.

He sure loves his Marmite on toast!



  1. ohh I love marmite on toast too! So cute! How exiting about the market!! :)

  2. Oh so cute, very exciting about the market

  3. He is such a chubba bubba! CUTE!! Can't wait to hear all the details about the market! Yay for springtime! I wish we could mostly bypass winter!

  4. nice to hear what your up to HMB. I LOVE craft markets so roll on!


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