09 April 2012


Jesus is the reason.  I hope you all had a lovely Easter.  You've probably seen a lot of posts about Easter, this one here from Paisley Jade is my favourite.

We had our son dedicated on Easter Sunday.  Both of our parents were there, my brother, Roy's brothers and one of his sisters were there too.  It was very short and sweet.  For anyone who has no idea what getting 'dedicated' means, I'll try to explain.

As part of our Christian faith, we believe it is important to dedicate our kids.  It's not a Baptism, it's not a Christening.  It's where we (Dad, Mum and child of any age) stand publicly, with our Pastor and with our church, and declare that we will do our best to raise our son in a bible-believing, bible-preaching church, and will show him Christ in the way we raise him, the way we live and the way we love him.  So that he might grow to know and understand the love of God on him and in his life, and that one day he might choose to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, for himself.  We are asked if we will do the above, and the church is asked if they will help us.  Everyone says, 'Yes, we do.'  Our Pastor prays for us and that is it.

It only took a few minutes.  It was over so much quicker than I expected.  Our son had a nap just before we went up onto the stage.  It melted my heart...

It was so awesome to have most of our family there with us.  Travelling from afar to gather together for our little boy.  It was very special.

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