23 April 2012

Just doodling...

I've been following a blog of an extremely crafty and creative lady.  She's SO creative and I don't know how she gets the energy to blog so often - every day - and have the time to make SO many neat, creative things, all the while going through chemo.  I stumbled upon it through pinterest and was hooked.  She is the creator of Choose Joy.

I was inspired by this post about making her own rubber-stamping.  And since then... I've been on the hunt for a proper lino-cutter and lino tiles to make my own.

All I could find (for a cheap price $5.50 total) was a pack of 4 erasers and a hobby knife.  I went to doodling, and came up with this for my first play...

You can see I tried it out on an old envelope first.  I made a 'Levi' stamp, then made a 'I <3' stamp.  Then I made a 'heart' stamp....

Then I made a love-stamp stamp.

How cute!


  1. Clever!!!! And so cheap!! You are so good at fonts, mine always end up looking like a 7 year old wrote it.

    1. Lol, practice right thurr. I got the goods from Kmart, RiccarTOWN.

  2. Holly theyre so cool! Hands has small pieces of lino, about a5 size for 2.50. I'm mad keen to have a go at this, i want to make a book plate stamp. But also now clauds name, and a heart!

    1. Oh coool! Have a go with some littel cute ones to get the 'hang' of it. It's quite satisfying and exciting to see what it looks like when you've finished cutting. Where is 'Hands'?


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