27 April 2012

Organised Piles

Back in the days of flatting, pre-marriage, I used to be a bit of  messy girl.

Ok, who am I kidding?  I still AM!  I am a mess-a-holic but I am getting better at being organised and I am truly beginning to appreciate tidiness and being able to find things quickly - like the top of our dining table.

One of my nice flatmates once told me that even though my room was always a mess, it was always in 'organised piles.'  I loved that description of it, because I really did know where [almost] everything was.

I'm not so good at remembering where everything is these days and I think it's because I have more on my hands to think about, a little crawler for one massive thing.  When I forget to put my keys back in the usual place, I run around the house like a headless chicken until I finally find them.  And it's only when I find them that I remember thinking, when I put them down, 'I mustn't forget that I've put them there.'  Duh.  I can see my Dad shaking his head at me and saying, 'You drip.'  If he ever were to read this blog, I almost guarantee that's what he would be thinking.

Here's a small look at my dining table.  For the tidy folk out there, please avert your eyes incase of horror (or terror?).

I've got my computer - everyday use, TL! magazine (bought especially for the puzzles and competitions), the stampy doodling, a big tapemeasure, our camera, a wobbly pencil, my pincushion, junkmail, the heatpump control and a few more things...

It is messy, but it's easy to tidy up.  Unfortunately the home for a few of these things is the table until further notice.  I'm searching out a good set of drawers to use for tools, crafty-stuff and stationery stuff.  So when that arrives (yet to be found for a bargain price online), I am going to feel a little more organised.

Welcome to my world.  Am I the only one out there who lives in untidiness?  Is it tragic?  I do have a plan for tidying it up.  It just involves time.  Am I being naughty by leaving stuff around?  Am I alone in the world or are there other people out there like me?

I try to tidy it up a little every day, but it goes back to being messy again.  I get out loads of stuff - I honestly do use nearly everything there each day.  Honest!


  1. I am a hoarder. So is Dave. That equals piles and piles of junk - 'that might be useful someday!' So we have a house that will probably never be open home worthy but hey at least we have a garage to store most stuff in :P

  2. Hahaha, Amy! Garages are mega blessings!

    I just reorganised all my crafty things into our spare room wardrobe. I had other stuff in there, I found proper homes for them, clear some space and put in my own bedside table inside the wardrobe. The little table with 3 draws stores all my papers crafts, next to it on the floor in bags is all my wolly goods, and on the shelf above is my fabricy things.

    It works for me, but you probably have heaps more than me, but a nice simple beside table is all I needed to make life MUCH easier!!

    Good luck Holly! i'm so proud of you! :)

  3. P.s - it also helps me that graeme hates visable mess. He always needs our lounge and kitchen to be workable for guests who drop by, so that spurs me of for things to be put away :) Hidden mess on the other hand is a whole different story (I'm totally working on that too)

  4. Gah! I so know where you are coming from! I have good intentions, but am not naturally particularly tidy. Combine that with the fact that half of the drawers in our house are unusable due to small people who LOVE to empty them and its a recipe for disaster! My craft stuff has now been moved into one room rather than being spread between 3 rooms, so at least we have some progress...


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