11 May 2012

Curiouser and Curiouser

I've had my nose in The Hunger Games books.... I saw the movie and although I was upset at the thought of any city being so cruel (yeah I know it's just the movies, so I'm trying to calm down), I was nothing less of curious to find out what happens next... OH!

So, after reading the first book I managed to get my hands on the second, no less than 24 hours ago.  Now I have finished the second book and my head hurts.  But - on to the third I must go!  And I will, indeed.

I really like the story.  At first, having watched the movie first, I was sickened.  But I did become curiouser and curiouser as friends of mine talked about the books with enthusiasm.

On a completely different note...  I went to a wedding not so long ago.  It was the wedding of a couple of dear friends of mine.  I not only went to the wedding, but I participated.  It was SO much fun!

The bride has asked my husband and I if we would sing the song that the bridal party would walk up the aisle to.  I was so excited and gladly accepted.

You see, my husband is amazing.  He plays guitar (and all sorts of other musical things) and sings.  I used to, and still can, play the bass guitar.  I love love love to sing.

We didn't know if we would have much in the way of a sound system, because the wedding was in the woods.  That's another story if it's own, but I assure you, it was so lovely and romantic!  So, armed with his accoustic guitar and lovely singing voice and me with just my voice, we sang a sweet song.  It was terrific.  That's all.

And here are some photos of my shoes.  I'm kind of giggling about the build-up to these photos.  It's all about the shoes, right?

Top right, my pyjamas!

Just kidding.  Well, kind of.  I wore these same shoes three years ago on the day of my wedding.  They've had a little bit of wear since and got pretty scuffed up on the tips of the toes so I painted them.  Just roughly, with a simple white paint to cover the brown/dirty-looking scruffy marks.

And, because the wedding was in the woods, I didn't want to be losing my shoes and accidentally step in a  dog-turd (there were a few of those around), I tied them on with ribbons.

And here is what my son wore on his feet.


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