27 July 2012

A New Craft Market

Once upon a time I thought there weren't enough craft markets in Christchurch, and so I was inspired...

I dreamt up a cute little market with enthusiastic new crafters mixed with the old, doing their thing, crafting and loving.

It was going to be a one-off and if it was a hit, then I'd do another and another ...

Then one day, New Beginnings - A Craft Market became not just a dream, but a reality.  It even has it's own Facebook page.  And I am SUPER(RRRrrrrrRRR) excited about it!

It's going to be a small market, 15 stalls of awesome handmade crafted goodness.  We haven't filled all the spots for stalls yet - so if you're keen to have a hoon at this market business or would like to check out the local crafting-talent please check it out, tell your friends and pencil felt-tip-pen it in your diary.

Bah!  I'm excited!

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