02 July 2012


Again, here is my little boy being the most amazing and awesome little person I have ever seen.

Haha, booger-nose and food on his face.  I love him!

Peek-a-boo, that's his ladybug bean-bag chair he's sitting on.  He gives it kisses, or rather face-bangs whenever I say 'oh look at lady bug buzz buzzzzzz' to him.

He's teething.  There are six big teeth already through and they're still coming.  The poor little guy has had trouble with his daytime naps - meaning he's not getting to sleep very well, or very much during the day.  Which in turn leaves him well spent by bedtime in the evening, which makes for a very sound night sleep.

He's been dribbling so much that his bibs get soaked right from the top to the bottom, left to right in about an hour.  I'm thinking of getting an amber bead teething necklace (been thinking for a loooong time, must be more proactive).  Have you used them before?  Do you think they work?

Anyways, I have some lovely news:  LJ went for his first walk on Saturday the 30th of June!  Exactly two weeks before he turns one year old.  Wait - yes I did say he's almost ONE!  Wow, time flies!

The last couple of weeks he's been taking a few steps here and there, I've counted five at most.  It happened when my sister was visiting us, I was talking to her and I suddenly realised LJ was walking right in front of me.  My jaw dropped to the floor and I could only stare and point as I watched him walk across the room, zombie-style with his hands up in the air in front of him to keep balance.

Woah!  I haven't seen him walk as far as that since, but he has figured it out that he actually can walk from A to B.  He gets this crazy giggle going on when he is walking, like he's saying "Look at meeeee, this is awesome!"

Back to teething and being tired and grumpy though, my 11.5 month old would take a few moments every so often today to just lay on the floor and relax underneath strange things.  One of the favourite things he likes the crawl under is the drying rack - much to my dismay when he drags off some of the damp washing.

Gosh he is so darn cute.  His back is high enough when he's crawling to lift up the bottom 'rung' of that drying rack, I don't know how he got there without overthrowing it.

I can count seven bibs in that photo, including the one he's wearing.  Most of the bibs with plastic backs are shredded and useful only for keeping mess off his clothes and not-so-good for keep his shirts dry.  I made a couple of bibs with plastic lining - super cute but a little noisy.  I used a bread bag for the lining.  I thought it would be 'quiet' but not so.  I have been told zip-lock bags are better to use.  Maybe next time, but I'm tempted to just go and buy some bibs.  Way less effort.

Catch you next time.  <3

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