05 August 2012

Actually-Epic Birthday Celebrations

We did it again - had a birthday party for our little man.  The weekend of his actual birthday he had a cold and we had a cold so we postponed the celebration-with-friends to the next Saturday.

This time 'round I made the cake entirely different, I used a different recipe I found in a magazine (I had used it before so knew what to expect), I used an awesome icing recipe (my husband helped me with this one).  Since I had a little bit of experience, it turned out lovely.

Here are a few pics....

My awesome husband helped me make the icing in all the wonderful colours.

I piped using small sandwich-bags I bought from the local supermarket after making a small snipet in one corner.  I may have gotten a little carried away but I had heaps of icing to spare.

Our lucky boy had more presents to open up, friends to play with, just look at the cutie right there in the front (her Mama's awesome blog).

And cake.  He didn't go too crazy after eating the cake this time... it was a lot less sweet, but tasted just as great.

Woohoo, Happy 2nd 1st Birthday, son!  We are one-year old parents, yippee!



  1. Love the cake! Very well done :)

    And man I love that photo of Milla and her teeth!

    And that cake photo...classic!

  2. congratulations - 1 year of parenting is totally awesome. It gets better and better i promise!

  3. your blog is super cute! Btw would you like to do some crafting when you are free at urs or mine...I was thinking making like a pin board but really creative one?


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