24 September 2012

Ponies and Kites

I took the little guy to a pony party on Saturday, he looooooved watching the ponies walk back and forth with the kids on their backs.  When it came to his turn, the only thing he didn't like was the helmet, so off it had to go.  It didn't fit anyway so I made sure I had a good grip on him.

The weather was so awesome that we headed for the beach afterwards.  It was our boy's first time at the beach.  He was running left, then right, screaming, "Duck! Duck!" at all the seagulls.  Stopping often to look at the bubbling sand or to pick up a shell, quickly getting distracted by the next thing, running in the opposite direction, pointing, laughing.  He was sooo happy.

The craft market is looming.  Excitement is growing.  Christmas is coming too... oh crikey.


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