29 September 2012

Wood and saws and stuff

I've been busy making a sandwich-board for this up-coming craft market.  I managed to get all the timber for it at no cost.  The legs were once the legs on a chunky desk, the timber was once a gate, the rope inside it was a cut-off off a tie-down rope we bought to cart all the timber home (so I guess the timber cost about $9 if you include the $9 rope).  I had to buy some hinges and screws which cost me about $8.00 all up.  So, for $17 I made this:

If my cordless drill didn't go flat, I would have added another piece of timber across the bottom.  I'll give the sandwich board a good clean once the last slab is on.  Then I'm going to have some fun painting it up all craft-markety-like.



  1. Cool! Has it got chalkboard paint on it?

    1. No, this just has paint on it - the colour it was when it was a gate. I might do the other side with chalkboard paint yet....


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