02 November 2012

Susan Bates

I 'bit the bullet' and purchased a set of Susan Bates crochet hooks SEVEN days ago.  They started in Poway, CA and ended up in my mailbox YESTERDAY!

Now, if you remember... over a year ago (I can not believe I have been dreaming of this day for so long), I casually mentioned that I wanted a Susan Bates crochet hook.  I even posted a thread on a TradeMe message board asking all of New Zealand if they knew where to get them.  It turns out there were a couple of sites I hadn't even thought of (Ebay being one of them - duh).

I was expecting a 6 week-ish time frame, hoping they would arrive before this Christmas.  Instead, it took 6 DAYS!

*insert happy dance and a song: la-la-laaaaaing-ness*

I was ecstatic!  The first person to use one of them was a dear friend of mine, Amy from On a Crafty Adventure.  I was SO happy and excited to be able to share them.

*add a BIG grin and some more la-la-laaaaaing-ness just like an opera singer*


Who cares about the upside-down coffee table and all that mess, I have Susan Bates crochet hooks!!!

I LOOOVE them.  Crocheting with the 'Bates' hook is definitely a different experience to the usual 'Boye' style hooks.

Are you confused about what I'm talking about?

Ok, the difference between a 'Bates' crochet hook and a 'Boye' crochet hook:

Click here to see the great description on another blog.

They're pretty colours and they're alluminium, and they are lovely.  My most favourite gift to me ever (until I remember my sewing machine or something else crafty, or that new comfy bra...).



  1. Totally agree, they are so easy to use, hard to describe so head to Holly's for a crochet session and you will see why we love them so!

  2. Now see I'm a bamboo hook kinda girl xx

    1. I've got some of them too, they're lovely and light. :)


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