22 December 2012

Crochet Dish Cloths

Now who wouldn't want something PRETTY and CUTE and BRIGHT and LOVELY and SMILEY and HAPPY to wipe their kitchen bench with?

Pros of using Cotton Crochet Dishcloths over supermarket synthetic wipes:
  1. When it's been used for a week and is beginning to 'smell', you can pop it in the washing machine with all your other things and RE-USE it.  You'll throw that synthetic one out as soon as it begins to think about being smelly.
  2. They will last for years and years.  Not joking here.  They will last if you look after them - always wring them out, and hang them up on the tap or on the dish-rack to air out.  Never let them sit in a scrunched up, wet pile.  The synthetic one will get so thin and wear on the edges and look like a piece of old bellybutton lint soon enough, ew, throw it out.
  3. They are environmentally friendly.  100% cotton = 100% natural material.  They will break down if thrown out, but you'll never want to throw them out because they're awesome.  The synthetic one is synthetic.
  4. They are awesome.  Synthetic ones are not.
  5. They are pretty.  Synthetic ones are boring-coloured and ugly.
Cons of using Cotton Crochet Dishcloths:
  1. Ummm....  Nope, can't think of any.  No pros of using synthetic ones either... (when compared to using awesome, rad, lovely, pretty crochet ones).

I had some cotton laying around and took it upon myself to have a go...

What a boring kitchen bench - oh no, wait!  What is that amazing bright pink thing over there?  The DISHCLOTH?!  No way!

Yes way.

You will not believe how this amazing piece of crochet genius makes cleaning fun.

Now, I know what you're wondering.  Where and how do I get my hands on one of these?  Yes, I understand.  It is a need.


I know where you can get some of this cute crochet goodness... check out Creative Mama's cute blog and visit her online Felt shop.  Creative Mama makes these cute crochet dishcloths in beautiful circles and in a variety of colours.  The problem now is which ones will you choose.....

I'll leave that up to you.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh I love your bright dishcloth!
    I made us some crochet and knitted dishcloths and they are my favourite. I agree with all of your pros!

    1. Yussss! Thank you. I think every home should have some lovely dishcloths. :)

  2. I love my crocheted dischcloths. I have some woven ones that I bought that are good too, but the crocheted ones have more oomph and are better textured to deal with sugar spills. I wash mine the day they're used normally and occasionally I make another one to add to the stash

    1. This is the second in my stash now. I think I'll be adding to it some more in the following weeks... :)


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