16 January 2013

It's about crochet

I just finished this huge project - a whole heap of coasters, the same as the crochet coasters in this post, and a whole heap of matching placemats (actually, there are still a couple things left to do, tag them, add care instructions etc, but that doesn't count right now).

I made the delicate bags for them out of tulle, some simple fabric on the bottom and hot-glued a thin board on the inside of each bag.

Can you see my ahhhh-mazingly awesome bag in the background?  Of course you can!  It's made by the talented lady of Tartan Kiwi.  She posted about the bag (and all the goodies inside) here.

I use that bag like nothing else.  It's got my scissors in it, my hand-sewing needles, my wool needles, all my crochet hooks, well, most of my crochet hooks.  OH heck, here's a pic of the crochet hook pouch thingee.  IT alone is awesome.

Thank you so much for my lovely Not so secret Santa gift, Juliet!



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