06 January 2013

MADE it... {01}

I'm very excited to introduce my new (and first ever) weekly regular post:

I will be doing a regular weekly post on/of something that I have made.  The one rule is that it has to be something I made - not necessarily 'this week', but it will be posted each week on a Sunday.  I'll also tag each post with 'MADEit' so you can click on the link and go through all of the 'MADEit' posts as they build up.  Aaand, I'll set up a board titled 'MADE IT, this week...' on my Pinterest so you can follow that too if you like.


I know it's a Monday today, but that's ok, right?  I have a lot of 2012 Christmas presents to show off... be prepared for total crochet/craftiness inspiration (if I may say so myself).

MADE IT, this week...

I absolutely LOVE this crochet piece of art I made for my awesome sister.  It is made from only one ball of wool...

It is (approximately) a 10 x 12inch canvas frame.  Firstly I cut off the canvas [carefully] with a craft knife.  Then I began crocheting, using the 'join as you go' method of joining the cute granny squares.

The crochet is joined only on the back in the 'gutter' using a hot glue gun.  I used simple string and a staple-gun to attach the 'hanging string' to two sides - so my sister had the option to hang it horizonal or vertical, whichever way she liked.

I don't know about you, but I love the colours, I love the way the colours change gradually and slowly, almost so you don't notice when you're crocheting with it.

I hope you're feeling inspired.  Thank you for reading my first ever 'MADE IT, this week...' post.



  1. Love it!!! I like how the squares are perfectly sized for their colour..if that makes sense. you should make it a link up thing? not sure how but I'm sure google will tell us

    1. I like that idea! Sophie Slim suggested maybe that too... maybe even through KMB... I'll see what I can come up with in the next week :)

    2. If you do a linky you'll want to do it through linky tools - it does cost, about $10 a year, but if you're keen then it could be worth it for you. Or just ask people to leave a link in the comments if they make something new! Or start a flicker group!? :)


    3. WEEEEE! YAY FOR MADE IT! I think i'll be joining in on a Thursday :)


    4. Thanks Soph! Hmm.... flicker... I'll look into that too. I definitely don't want it costing.

  2. That crochet is beautiful!! How did you do it from only one ball?

    leonie at 3xsunshine.blogspot.co.nz has just started a new Linky on KMB called show and tell :) you should check it out! It's for crafty people!!!

    1. The wool I used was bought from Spotlight. It's a Moda Vera (I think) and the colour is called 'Fern'. It's 50% wool 50% acrylic (I think, again). It's a beautiful, light and delicate yarn to use.

      Cool! I'll have a look at the crafty linky :) Thank you x


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