12 January 2013

MADE it... {02}

Hello and welcome!

This week I was inspired by a friend of mine, Sophie Slim, then somehow, in a very 'round-about way I ended up making a set of simple, bright dishcloths for someone we know.

Here's what I came up with...

A set of bright, simple, cotton, crochet, prettiness for the kitchen bench.

These are made with a 100% cotton yarn, 8ply, 5mm crochet hook.

For those that follow crochet, it's 25 chains long + 1 turning chain.  Then simple (US) single crochet each row + 1 turning chain for 26 rows.  And a final single crochet edge + 2 chains at the corners.  These are roughly about 16cm square.

See you here again soon, thanks for stopping by xx


  1. You are so speedy! Love them! And yay for you being so quick to snaffle up that sale :) x

    1. :) I'm turning into an opportunist. xx

  2. they look great - I love the colours

  3. Gorgeous colours! I have the crochet dishcloth bug too!


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