25 February 2013

Crochet in Yellow and Grey, it keeps the colds at bay

I just felt like rhyming.

That is all.

Haha, no way.  Here's what the scarf/cowl/infinity scarf/neck warmer aparatus looks like...

Online here for a limited time.

Oh, and on a side note but not really because it really is related...

Here, this space, I call it 'hollymayb' because that's me.  Holly May Bruce.  Yup, pretty simple.  Maybe I should put that in my 'about me' tab... or have I already?  I'll have to go check it later.

Anyway, the day I decided to create my 'Felt' shop, I wasn't married and I hadn't met my husband-to-be.  So, with a surname like 'Wilson', hollymayw didn't have a nice ring to it.  My point is, my felt shop is called hollymay.  I can't change it, I'd love to but hollymayb at Felt has already been taken - SIMPLY because the name is just. so. awesome.  I was too slow to figure that out.

SO, if you're ever looking for my stuff on Felt, you'll find it here hollymay.felt.co.nz


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  1. so darling! yellow and grey is one of my favorite color combos right now, its just so cheerful!

    and thank you so much for your comment. your little man is quite a stud :]

    - michael ann


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