16 February 2013

MADE it... {07}

Last weekend I went op-shopping with Amy.  She blogs about DIY, crochet, sewing, art, painting, making, doing.  She's got a keen eye for bargains!  And, she's fast - I took ages wandering the aisles of the stores we went to, thinking about each thing I saw.  Wondering what each thing might be re-used for, trying to find something that gave me that awesome spur of inspiration.  All the while, Amy had scoured the shop back and forth, decided what she wanted and had come back to see where I was at a couple times, ready to move on.

I was loving every moment of it!

I came across a bag of chunky wool.  Realllly chunky.  All kinds of colours, each ball a different size, each a different colour, each made of the same wool, same chunkiness.  Awesome!

It was the kind of chunky wool that gets cut up and made into latch-hook rugs.

I took the whole bag of wool home for $5.  I think that was a pretty good bargain... they could have charged about $15 for it all, but if it was $10 I may or may not have bought it all.

So... here's what I came up with using a 10mm crochet hook, and leaving only a few end-pieces, I used up the whole lot by Tuesday.

A colourful rug for the kiddo's bedroom.  I haven't blocked it, I don't think I can be bothered...



  1. Awesome! I wonder, do you know of any hooks bigger than 10? have you seen any around?

    LOVE IT! My fav photo is the second to last, with kiddies feetsies running away hehe!


    1. Um... I'm sure they're out there, bigger than 10mm. If you're looking for a particular size let me know and if I see, I'll let you know?

      That pic is my favourite too :)

  2. That wool gathered no dust! And a lovely wee rug too x

    1. Yes! When I'm inspired, it has to come out straight away!


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