24 February 2013

MADE it... {08}

I've been inspired by the season's colours, everywhere I look I see yellow and grey...

And they really are pretty colours to me too.  I found a lovely yellow and a grey ball of acrylic in my yarn stash and got to work crocheting the two yarns as one.

This is the finished scarf, it'll be heading for my online hollybayb shop at Felt as soon as I can get some awesome photos of it.

But, once I get some good photos I'll share them and add some photos to this 'MADE it' post too.

Hooray for making stuff.  Doesn't it just feel good to make your own things?  Or to make things and be really pleased with the way they turned out?  I think that might be the thing that keeps me crafting.  Hand-made is pretty much satisfaction-guaranteed, right?


Photos added:


  1. I so agree there's such a great feeling when you make and finish something - love these colours x

  2. I love yellow and grey together, but blended together like this us even nicer x


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