14 February 2013

Valentine's Fail

Today I am tired.  The kind of tired that comes from a full day of learning about a new job.  The kind of tired that comes from meeting new people and learning about their lives.  The kind of tired that a good nights' sleep doesn't fully fix.  The kind of tired that makes my eyelids struggle with gravity.

I am happy, though.

For some strange reason I had the urge to make some chocolate fudge the day before Valentine's Day.  Baking and I aren't often acquainted.  Would you call it baking, making fudge...?  It just put everything together in a pot, no oven-related shenanigans.

Valentines Day...  I wasn't expecting much, but hoping for (expecting) something.  I decided to wrap some pieces of fudge in some paper and give them to my husband as a treat he could take to work.  The thought did cross my mind to make small parcels for everyone at his work but I realised a few things; there wasn't enough fudge, his work mates would think I was crazy, he would be too embarrased to give them fudge from his wife on Valentine's Day.  So, too much effort based on all of the above.

Instead I left his keys atop of the small parcel I made just for him.

Then after he had left for work, I discovered that he had picked up his keys and left the parcel behind.

So I decided I'd take it with me for my training day yesterday and eat it all my myself, but possibly share with whomever I sat next to.  I didn't end up getting it out, they had enough lunch and nibbles for us all.

But after I got home I simply could NOT find the parcel anywhere!


Last night, Valentine's Day afternoon, we had the privilege of having my sister in-law stay, along with her 10 week old CUTE baby!  It was lovely.

We chatted and ate the rest of the fudge I had made.  My husband said he had no idea what I was talking about, the keys on top of what?  Valentines fail.

Then this morning, I found the parcel had fallen out of my bag while in the car.  Yay! More chocolate fudge for me today!

I'm still tired, my coffee has worn off.  And I better go nap before my Little Lion wakes up.



  1. Hooray for finding the fudge :D

  2. Hehe, this whole time I was just waiting for you to say Levi found it, and you found Levi with it all in his tummy! Good try on the valentines front!


  3. yea I was thinking he ate it all too! Fudge is totally baking!


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