27 March 2013

A Sewing-Day is a Good-Day

I've had a particularly creative day today - it always feels like that when I've been sewing (something realllly cute).  I dream of one day having a home office/studio looking something like this:


Wooden or painted floors, pale walls, peaceful yet bright explosions of colour and textures exactly where I want them, like this

Lucy from Attic24 - this is her creative space, check out her blog here.

They can be easily changed or moved around to whatever my mood decides.  Ahhhh.  That would be nice.  A big table where I could lay out fabric or paint or anything else... Another table with my sewing machine set up...  Our dinner table always clear, unless it's actually eating time...  A wall like a bookshelf with all my yarn and fabric...

This is what my 'office' actually looks like:

I've tried to keep the pictures look particularly boring.  Because they are/it is.

Oh to have a [big] room to play in to my heart's content.

It won't happen over night, but I know it will happen in some way, shape or form designed by the perfect designer, made with all the 'extras' I didn't think of and couldn't have imagined up if I tried.  It's gonna be awesome!

We had friends over in the weekend and we busted out the game Cranium.  I hear Scattergories is a good one?  I'll have to keep an eye out at the op shops and see what I can find...

The 'circley' things on the table are my latest project.  I'll hopefully have them done some time this week.




  1. I have a space within a space
    I converted a walk in wardrobe into my narnia sewing storage room

    1. That sounds awesome! I love the Chronicles of Narnia too - if only time stood still while we were sewing!

      Soon I plan on sharing how I stow away all my fabric.

  2. Love the new blog design!!! Can't wait to see what the circly things are. Plus don't forget we will have that space sometime. somewhere.

    1. Thank you :) I felt like a change. Can't wait. :)


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