26 March 2013

I'm Blog Lovin'

It's true, I love this blog.  Not in a 'I can't live without you' way, but in a 'I enjoy this blogging business so Ima keep goin' way.

Recently some sad news came to my inbox kind of like this:  "Google Reader is going to be shut down in July or something-a-rather blah blog reading changing blah blah blah...."

Well, not exactly like that but after the first ten words my brain wasn't computing correctly (you just counted the words didn't you?).  "Why?!"  "Oh NO!"  "What am I going to doooooo?"  All these things and no doubt a few more came from my lips.

For those of you who follow me, hollymayb, through Google Reader/Google Friend Connect, please read on....


This is the new way to follow your blogs.  It's not the new Google Reader, it's very different.  It's pretty and seems easy enough to figure out.

A lot of bloggers and talking about the switch, moving to Bloglovin.  Remember, change is often a really good thing.

But, because it's inevitable (Google leaving us for good), I made the switch.  I now follow many blogs through bloglovin and, you know what?  It's ok.  Not as awesome as Google reader is/was BUT I do honestly believe that the kinks will be ironed out and that it's going to be EVEN BETTER than Google Reader, bless it's soul, may it rest in peace.

If you follow me through Google Friend Connect (which is basically Google Reader) then some time in June or July it's going to go ni-ni and you won't be following me any more.  (BIG sad face)

If you'd like to continue following me beyond mid-this-year, please follow hollymayb here and click on the blue 'follow' button.  Or click on the link to the left where it says, 'Follow me with Bloglovin' another day.

You can sign in with your Facebook account and it's pretty stressless/seamless to switch all your favourite blogs from Google Friend Connect over to Bloglovin.

Go on over and have a look if you've got a minute or two.

In the mean time, I want to say a HUGE thank you to every single one of my followers.  It's SO cool knowing that there are people who want to read my own words and see my own photos.

If you're my Mum, or my sister, don't worry about missing out - you get my posts anyways.

And... something about me here at Bloggers Connecting.



  1. I've just made the switch

    1. Useful tip - double-check that ALL the blogs you follow have been changed over. 2 or 3 of the blogs I follow didn't work, I had to manually search for them through Bloglovin and one of those I had to 'add' to Bloglovin.


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