09 March 2013

MADE it... {10}

 I bought scored this for $2!  Trademe WIN!

It came with holes that I didn't know were there...

But for $2, who can complain?

Those holes aren't too big, the drawers slide well and the whole base is sturdy.  And it made a good temporary jungle-gym.

I gave it a bit of a sand down, then I got to work.  With the help of my Weet-Bix, I began painting.

Two coats, no less, no more.  The paint I used is called Lumbersider, a Resene paint.  I worked there once upon a time and was very proud of the paint I sold.  Lumbersider is a very versatile paint  It's usually used on house exteriors, it's the paint type that they generally use in the testpots you can buy at Resene.  It's non toxic, being an acrylic paint, and isn't going to irk any noses.

I didn't paint the places that won't be seen when the bed is made up, hence the pic before this one, that's sort-of underneath the edge of the bed so I didn't bother with it.  Nor the sides and insides of the drawers.

Almost done!  While the second coat and minor touch-ups were drying I attended to the drawers.  Two of them went 'in' too far so to fix it, I measured and put in a couple of extra pieces of wood (ply in this case) so the drawers would close nice and flush.

I had planned on leaving a star like these as the raw timber, but I was too impatient didn't have the right masking tape so I decided to paint it on afterwards.  I like the pretty shadow of our netting curtains...

All done!

From this:

To this:

Paint colours:  Off white:  Quarter Fossil.  Grey:  Karen Walker 'Cliff Face Grey'

I have absolutely El-Oh-Vee-Eeee-D this DIY.



  1. Great job, it looks fantastic!

  2. Love it! The stars look good grey! Bet your lil man can't wait to sleep in his big boy bed!

    1. The thing is... he's been sleeping in it for several nights now ;)

  3. awesome! total score and fab makeover well done :o)

  4. THAT is COOL! You have done a fab job - and a brilliant score for $2, fab.
    I am painting stuff left right and center lately too. LOVE Resene.
    (Testpots ROCK)

    1. Thanks Simoney! Yuss! Painting is fun!

  5. We have this exact bed! (When I saw your photo I had to do a mental check that we hadn't actually sold it on TradeMe and it was still in the garage...) Soon it will be coming out of storage for our youngest to use - I am SO painting it! Thanks so much for the idea. Woo hoo!

  6. Looks fantastic! I love the stars too, how fun! :)

  7. That is such a awesome score!! and even more brilliant makeover...what a lucky boy :)

  8. This is brilliant
    LOVE it
    Have you considered linking in with Show and Tell and Op Shop Tuesday - this would be a fab show :)

    1. Keen! I've put the linky on my blog, now to sort out my next show and tell....


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