12 March 2013

Random thoughts

I've been thinking thinking thinking about SO much lately that my head hurts.  It could be the lack of sleep and probably not nearly enough green vegetables but then I'm placing the blame on myself.

Thinking about - what can I post about instead of just the Made It posts... I think I've been trying to get away with them only - and that's not my whole life.  Well, if I shared my whole life you'd be bored.  I'd be bored.  Example: woke up, changed a nappy, made breakfast for 20 month old, made breakfast for me... yawn.  I'll stop right there.

A couple weeks ago I was outside watering the lettuces in my cute garden (that's something I could write about).  When I had my back turned, my delicious little son picked up the hose and had it aimed right at me.

So, this is a pic of my butt.  I tried to get a good view of the wet jeans but all I could fit in the photo was my butt.  It's hard to take a good photo of one's own butt without having to set up the timer (too lazy, let's be honest).

My husband bought me flowers a few weeks ago too...

I organised my fabric stash with cardboard boxes I had hoarded.  I cut them all up to wrap fabric neatly around and now my stash is TIDY!  I can't believe it.  Another thing I can write about is my fabric stash *mental note but I'm writing it on paper right now because the 'mental' isn't so good at remembering*.

Did I mention my son likes to wear hats?  He prefers his peak-caps but he's often found with a bucket hat on or a bucket...

Had to:  earrings crochet a la moi, cuff crochet too, a la moi.  Fingers in mouth - working on it.

I found him like this just the other day.

My husbands jeans got a fix-er-roo.

I found Little Lion in a shoebox.

And the neighbours are building a house right next to ours.  This is looking out our 2nd story bedroom widow.  The 2nd level is being 'roofed' now, and it's as high as us, so the man in this photo is walking around in what might be the bathroom.

And, I'm working part-time at the moment so it's good but weird.  I'm finding myself fantasizing about sewing and crochet a lot.

I made some fingerless mittens, no photos yet.  Maybe I'll save them for the Made it post on Sunday.



  1. Nice bum! ;) And beautiful flowers! I like every day posts - no-one's life is really THAT boring, something's always interesting to someone else! I'm super-impressed at your what must be amazingly tidy stash - wowee!

    1. Haha, thank you! Thank you again, I need more every-day posts. Right-o, fabric-stash post coming soon...

  2. Lol love this random post and the bucket wearing is hilarious :) Following with Bloglovin :)

    1. Haha, thanks! I've made the move to Bloglovin - the more I use it, the more I like it!


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