28 April 2013

MADE it... {17}

I helped make this beautiful blanket... I joined the squares with single-crochet.

My sister did the rest.

I started with a (really 'ridgey') double-crochet join.  I wasn't liking it AT ALL.  It left this massive ugly ridge and it just looked nasty to me.  Fortunately, I ran out of wool when there was about 5 inches left to join....

So I undid it and changed to a much less 'ridgey' single-crochet join.

I really don't like the ridge, it's just my opinion.  I way prefer the join-as-you-go method, but it didn't bother my sister.  I think she was just glad she wasn't doing the joining.

Don't the colours look sooo good together?



  1. Sister did a good job! Nice collaboration! Who got to keep it? ;)

    1. She kept it. Just made good use of me while I was visiting Invercargill. :)


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